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Pacreation Installs Esko Artios CAD Suite 18




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Welcome to Pacreation's website. Please visit in 2020 for regular updates.

Pacreation secures supplier status to 3M UK plc

To add to recent growth and after the completion of several structural packaging design projects, Pacreation has secured approved supplier status to 3M UK plc. We have been able to demonstrate our expertise and ensure our client has understood the benefits that Pacreation can bring as a trusted external resource and extension to 3M’s business.


We have been able to demonstrate disciplines such as cost reduction, process
improvement opportunities through creative structural design. In addition opportunity has arisen to supply high quality digitally printed prototypes, 3D interactive pdf visuals complete with graphics in both corrugated and solid board materials.

Pacreation Installs Esko Artios CAD Suite 18

Pacreation are delighted to announce the installation of Esko’s ArtiosCAD Suite 14. Created specifically for the design industry, this powerful software further underlines our continued commitment to facilitate our customers requirements.


With dedicated tools specifically devised for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping, 3D interactive visuals, animations and manufacturing tooling files, ArtiosCAD will increase our designers creativity, capacity and further enhance services offered throughout Pacreation.  


For our design agency customer base with ArtiosCAD's Adobe® Illustrator® plug-ins we can create a seamless work flow to further enhance productivity and communication between structural and graphic designers.


The plug-in imports, Pacreation's native ArtiosCAD file, into Adobe® Illustrator®.  It maintains the ArtiosCAD layers, information and provides dedicated tools to preserve CAD data in Adobe® Illustrator®.  This in turn has created the first round trip workflow between structural and graphic designers.  Plug-in download links can be supplied upon request.


To complement the design and drawing tools, we have also installed ArtiosCAD 3D.  This allows us to provide clients with pdf files of interactive 3D models of packaging designs, that can be rotated to show every possible angle.  These can also be supplied complete with graphics and even as complete animations to demonstrate packaging assembly.  Tear tapes, zipper rules, curved creases are no problem at all.  All can be demonstrated in both 3D interactive models and animations. 



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