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Packaging Re-Design


3D Interactive Visuals


3D Packaging Animations


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High Quality Printed samples


Packaging Rationlisation


Cost Reduction Assesments


Packaging Process Improvement


Packaging Testing   


Pacreation Installs Esko Artios CAD Suite 18



Welcome to Pacreation Ltd



“You’ve won a great pitch but the client requires a

full campaign including structural packaging design”



"You want to save money on packaging throughout your supply chain"



"You are experiencing problems and failures with Overseas packaging specifications"



"You want to rationalise packaging SKU's and spend"



“You have a great product to launch and it needs a box”



“Your already busy and now your customer needs

a pack design and sample yesterday”



If any of the above statements apply to you or your business please take some time to browse our site and see how Pacreation can help you and your packaging requirements succeed.

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